Dihliz invites students, scholars, and thinkers to critically and constructively engage with the Islamic/Muslim philosophical traditions that currently influence modern Islamic thought on society, culture, history, as well as philosophy itself. So doing strengthens the rope of Muslim traditions that connects the past with the modern intellectual movement. 

To develop a robust and complex discourse on how the modern advancement in knowledge is shaping and affecting the Muslim world, we employ the concept of ‘Dihliz’, translated from Persian as ‘a space in-between.’ Dihliz has developed through conversations between past and modern traditions. By creating a space between the two areas, it allows an individual to act simultaneously as both insider and outsider. Establishing this mentality of insider/outsider is key to imagining broadly people and communities that can be both sympathetic to, and critical of the tradition that they inherit.

Our Dihliz aims to create a space for scholars, students, and the public to encourage, research, debate, and discuss. By publishing peer-reviewed original articles, analytical essays, and reviews, it contributes to the advancement and better understanding of Muslim societies on various levels, their places in history, and the patterns of developments in the modern world.
Editorial Board

Mohammad Ali
Copy Editors
Hannan Shireen
Talha Rahman

Managing Editor
Javed Zafar

Design Editor
Musabe Riyaz

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